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Giving yourself some loving attention isn’t selfish - it’s sensible.
If you feel loved and cherished (if only by yourself) you’ll have more love to give to others - it really does make sense
— Penelope Guest

The Idea

Myhabilitation is the product of a conversation with our incredible daughter. At the tender age of 4, Honey Bea sat on her Mummy's hip in the sea (in beautiful North Ibiza) and discussed various potions and gifts she would like to make, to make people feel happy - We are very proud parents! Pair this with her mothers passion (and training) for 'all things wellbeing', and Myhabilitation was born.

The Mission

Our mission is to nurture your senses in an all too often hectic world. Our greatest desire is that our products will help soothe your soul, clear your mind....make you smile! You're worth it and daily self care and love will only reinforce this. 

Myhabilitation will evolve to offer a variety of products that will always be beneficial. If we are happy we share our happy, making others happy, who then make others happy! It's like a big, beautiful kindness collective.

The Products

Many of our products are handmade by us. Many are handmade by people local to us. Others are carefully sourced for your sensory enjoyment and health and wellbeing benefits.

We will be offering physical products but also courses and a VIP name it, we've got it planned. The future is looking beautiful x